Ginkel’s Cosmetics

Ginkel’s Cosmetica has been active since 1984 as a producer and wholesaler of professional cosmetic products for companies and professionals in the beauty industry.

Development of cosmetics

Ginkel’s Cosmetics has its own laboratory and production. The latest products are developed here and all quality inspections of ingredients and end products are also carried out on a daily basis. Our own production enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to the wishes of our customers.

Our route

Ginkel’s specializes in products for professional treatments. Characteristic of the products is that they are formulated with many natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, fats and active ingredients. In addition, Ginkel’s is increasingly using packaging that is less harmful to the environment. They are made from recycled plastic or composed in such a way that they are optimally recyclable. Ginkel’s cosmetics are not only inspired by nature, but also use nature as economically as possible.

Webshop and fairs

Ginkel’s products are not available in stores. Our foundation in the 80s was there, but since the late 90s the focus has been completely focused on the professional beauty and wellness industry. Ginkel’s® has since grown into a well-known appearance at many business beauty fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Ginkel’s Cosmetics can easily be purchased via our webshop and can be taken directly with you when you visit trade fairs.

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