Below you will find an overview of answers to frequently asked questions:

– Delivery time

We aim to dispatch orders placed on working days before 12 noon and paid for the same day. The parcel service will deliver your order within a few working days.

– Product Warranty

If you are not satisfied with a product or if the packaging does not work properly, please let us know. We will then work with you to find the best solution or replace the product or packaging.

– Log in to the webshop

In our webshop we make a difference between business and private buyers. Business buyers can create a business account that is automatically validated based on the VAT number. With a business account you can buy at business conditions and prices. If you are a starter, self-employed person or student without a VAT number, you can submit an application for a business account by email (info@ginkels.nl). We will then ask you for a diploma, school pass or training certificate. Individuals are not eligible for a business account and can only create a private account.

– Login at our webshop does not work

Mail us at info@ginkels.nl if you need help.

– Are your products not tested on animals?

Yes, our products are not tested on animals. Current EU legislation prohibits the sale of products that have been tested on animals. Ingredients that have recently been tested on animals are also banned.

– Are your products 100% natural?

often yes, but not always. We consider skin-friendliness and practicality of the products to be the most important considerations. If this succeeds with 100% natural ingredients, we will certainly not fail to do so. Nature offers us many interesting ingredients. Natural ingredients are not necessarily always safer than less natural products. Natural extracts, for example, are more likely to cause allergic reactions than specially developed less natural ingredients. You can read the composition of all cosmetic products in the webshop. The ingredient declarations are listed everywhere. You can then make your own choice.

– Are your products free of parabens?

Parabens are preservatives that ensure that a product can easily be kept for a long time and that no unwanted bacterial growth takes place in a product. Parabens are viewed in a negative light and are increasingly banned by law. Ginkel’s Cosmetics no longer uses parabens. In recent years, a lot of time and money has been invested in making the products paraben free. Since mid-2015, all our new productions are paraben-free.

– Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Ginkel’s products are often packaged in plastic bottles or jars. In recent years, Ginkel’s has increasingly made use of packaging made from recycled materials and most packaging is easily recyclable.

– Can I also view products at your store / do you also have a shop?

Ginkel’s Cosmetics does not have a (wholesale) store or showroom. We deliver directly from the factory to the end user. If you live near Harlingen (NL) and want to pick up the order yourself, you can choose this option in the checkout area of ​​the webshop. Your package is then ready at our reception.

– Is Ginkel’s Cosmetics also present at (trade) fairs?

Ginkel’s Cosmetics has an extensive stand at most trade fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium. During these fairs you can test products and possibly buy directly.