Our professional treatments

Ginkel’s Cosmetics offers several professional series for professional treatments. If you are looking as a beauty professional for a broad range of high quality cosmetic products for your salon, institute or spa centre, just explore our face, hand and body care treatments.

Face care:

Vitamine E Face Care – Our basic line for people that just starts with the elementary steps in daily skin care. Vitamine E is a strong anti-oxidant that fights the free radicals that have bad influence on the health of the skin. Along with natural oils and other natural actives the product are very suitable for starters care in your salon or institute. Vitamine E Face Care will meet the demands of the 20+ age group.

Aloë Vera Face Care – If you need a treatment to bring for recovering the moisture balance in dry and cracky skin of your clients, don’t hesitate and experience the power of natural aloe vera en our patented Aqua Shield technology, that improves the moisture balance of the skin. Extracts of Green Tea act as natural anti-oxidant and protects the skin. Nourishing oils and butters also improve the suppleness of the skin, so it gets in great shape. Aloe Vera Face Care meets the demands of the 30+ age group with dry and unbalanced skin.

Collagen Face Care – Is your cliënts skin suffering from the first signs of aging? A treatment with our  Collagen Face Care line will be the right choice. This treatment offers a complete professional result for the aging skin. The products are based on powerful soothing vegetable ingrediënts and natural actives, like Matrixyl® that supports the reproduction of collagen and fibroblasts in celstructure of the skin. Fine wrinkles will be less visable and the soupleness of the skin gets boosted. Collagen Face Care is very suitable for the 40+ age group, who are rcognizing the first signs of an aging skin. 

Argan Face Care – This special skin improvement cosmetics for the aging skin offer great possibilyties to give the aging skin a younger and heathier appearance. We don’t believe in magic, but the results of treatments with these products are remarkable. Just like al our treatments this line containes facial scrubs, facial masks, cleaners, serum and ofcourse the day and night cream. It is also possible to replace the facial scrub (with scrubbeads) by our glycolic acid peel (10%) or at sensitive skins with our Delicate Peeling. Argan Face Care suits very well to people in the 50+ age group who want to improve the quality of life and the way they look.

Rosa Skin Care – Rosacea or Couperose are well-known skin diseases. Especially in the T-zone of the face, veins will become visible and the skin will look red and irritated. This problem skin is very sensitive and needs very mild products to cleanse and care for. Our Rosa Skin Care range was created after years of research in our laboratory and field testing with real women suffering from Rosasea and Couperose. Cosmetic products cannot solve this skin disease. So our goal was to make the most soothing and cleansing skin care products possible. A professional treatment with the Rosa Care products gives a very pleasant feeling to your client’s skin, soothes irritation and redness and moisturizes dry and vulnerable skin areas.

Men Care – Even more men visit a beautician or barbershop. They are also eager to show a good and healthy skin. The facial skin of men is more robust then the skin of women. The pores are bigger and often men suffer more acné and unclear skin. Men need special developped products to take care, moisturize and sooth their skin. We offer not only great products for use at home, but we also offer a complete cosmetic line for professional treatments in beautician salons are at barber shops. Just explore our men products and treatment in our webshop.

Young Skin Care – Young people and teenagers nowadays suffer a lot from acne and impure skin. Due to hormonal changes, fast food and poor hygiene, blackheads and pimples are everywhere on the skin. Young people need good advice and guidance to overcome these problems and learn how to care for their skin. Estheticians can provide that help and we have formulated balanced products that deeply cleanse the skin and pores, while also still moisturizing and soothing the skin to keep it supple and healthy. After a treatment in the salon, it is important to teach your younger clients how to use the products at home, so that you can work together for the best result. You can of course buy the Young Skin Care products in our webshop!

Don’t believe in miracles ….. trust your knowledge, education and professionalism! We would like to cooperate with you and make beautiful things happen, so they just look like miracles!